Battelfield m16
Modern Combate 2 Update Map Pack: Battelfield

As part of the map pack, Battlefield is one of three new maps and the largest. Based on the "to the summit part 1" mission, the map comprises of a larger bunker on the one far edge of the map, the American camp on the opposite, and multiple trenches in the middle of the map. Sand bags, walls, trenches, bunkers, tents, craters, and barb wire introduce a unique map for all sorts of players.

Spawining Points

The bunker area, and the American camp area offer multiple spawing points. The bunker region offers excellent cover for respawned players, while the American camp area offers significantly less cover compared to the bunker area.


  • Bunker on one side
  • American camp on the opposite side
  • Trenches in the middle of the map
  • Various forms of cover immediately after the trenches and spawing points
  • Low lighting in the bunker and trench areas

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