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Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is arguably Gameloft's most extensive FPS mobile game to date. Gameloft has not only delivered a solid campaign, but has also set new standards for multiplayer on iPod touches and iPhones. It supports 10-player multiplayer, four gametypes, and five maps (+3 more availiable for purchase separately), as well as rank advancements, an XP system, custom weapon choices, kill signatures, and perks (called "skills"). Modern Combat 2 Wiki is your definitive source for information when it comes to this game.


Defuse the Bomb- a guide for the game mode Defuse the Bomb on MC2

Capture the Flag- a guide for the game mode Capture the Flag on MC2.

Gameloft Gamertags- Post your gamertag here.

Team Battle- a guide for the game mode Team Battle on MC2.

Strategies- a compendium of multiplayer MC2 tactics.


Clans - Advertise your clan here!

Ranks - Ranks and Items Recieved for leveling up.

Achievements - Gameloft achievements for Modern Combat 2.

Kill Signatures - Phrases displayed when you kill others.

External Links

Modern Combat 2 - The official website of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Gameloft - Developer and publisher of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Gameloft Live - The official website for Gameloft's multiplayer features.

iGamePros (iGP Chatroom) - Creators of the Modern Combat 2:Black Pegasus Wikia project.

Modern Combat 2 Facebook Page - The Modern Combat 2 Facebook Page.

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