is the leader of an terrorist cell and the main antagonists in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. He is the one who took control of Abu Bahaa's Organization. He is first seen in the cutscene at the beginning of the game, in which he tortures Newman. He Is not seen again until towards the end of the game. He doesn't speak English so uses a translator.

He was being tracked by the Mustangs, one by one losing his partners, so used a decoy to capture the squad so he could continue control. He kills all the squad apart from Newman and Downs, but they escape. Later, now the Razors know his location, they move in on his house, causing him to run into a shanty town and get picked up by helicopter. after being followed by Anderson and the destruction of two of his helicopters he finally boards one and starts to escape, but Anderson jumps on the plane and brings it down, leaving Pablo and Anderson next to each other. Pablo tries to kill him but he got killed when a grenade was shoved into his mouth. |Box title = Pablo |Row 1 title = Age: |Row 1 info = 40's-50's |Row 2 title = Weapons: |Row 2 info = Desert Eagle |Row 3 title = Status: |Row 3 info = Dead (Killed by Anderson) |Row 4 title = Affiliations:

|Row 4 info = Leader of the terrorist cell }}

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