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Defuse the bomb is one of the four multiplayer game modes in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. It is probably the least favorite mode of most people, but if played right, you can rack up some big points. The defending side always seems to have an advantage due to the fact they do not have to risk their hides to win.


As Becker said in his Capture the Flag guide, each gun has a purpose in each battle.

Defusing Side:Edit

Assault rifles or the M249 should be your primary weapon. Assault rifles do not hinder your speed to much and they are quick. So if you decide to cover your teammates, this is the gun for you. If you choose to attempt defusing the bomb, use the M249 to fight anyone who may assault you. Flashbangs are also your friends. Near the end of defusing the bomb, spam them to cover you. A good secondary weapon would be the MP5 so you can switch over when your clip runs out of ammo without sacrificing your rate of fire or damage per bullet

Defending SideEdit

Since the defending side has no real goal (It's basically team battle for them, except with a minor secondary objective), they can use any weapon they choose. When the bomb is in an open area like in avalanche, temple, and sometimes warehouse, sniper rifles own the other team. While they are focused on killing you rushing teammates, you can take them out at a distance with little or no effort. The M9 silenced is also very accurate, so if you don't want to give up a primary weapon, use the M9 with pistol damage. Assault rifles, LMGs, and SMGs are good if you want to rush the defusers, or if you just want to pick off the enemy that are wandering around.


Defusing Side:Edit

There are two ways you can go about this: for points or for the win. Many of you hate to lose, but if you want to get points and a higher KDR, forget about the bomb. The Defending Side is only concentrated on defending the bomb and killing anyone near it. If you ignore the bomb and flank the oblivious enemy, the points you will attain will be more than the 200pts for winning the match. Often times the defending side uses sniper rifles, if you circle around them, you can get 50pts for the kill, 75pts for a headshot, and 50pts for vengeance (most likely), that alone almost cancels out the 200pts. You may think this is a selffish way of playing, but this also helps your team defuse the bomb... you may still get the 200pts. Another way to rack up points is to just walk by the bomb and then walk away. This gives 50ptts and it psychs out the other team thus drawing them in, out in the open.

If you feel that's not how the game should be played, you can do the classic "defuse the bomb until I die" stategy. I actually don't consider this a stategy because it is basicly a suicide mission. The smartest way to appoach this is to hid behind cover, wait until the area looks clear, then run and crouch behind the bomb. Flashbangs are your friends, expecially on avalanch where the snow increases the effect.

Defending Side:Edit

Just play as if it were a team battle, kill who ever you see. If you focus only on the bomb, someone is going to flank you from behind and take your head. Sometimes hidding behind the bomb works as some free points when an unsuspecting enemy reveals his location as he attempts to win the match. Always take your time, you are in no rush unless the defuse bar is 3/4 full. Then you better get yourself over there quick.

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