Razor Squad




S1 Custom, MP5

""Hey, Rollins. 50 Bucks says I find Azimi first!"" -Mcarthy at the start of 'Embassy assault'.

Sergeant McCarthy is a member of the Razor Squad. He is first seen in 'To The Embassy'. And is seen fighting in only in 'Embassy Assault' where he bets Rollins that he would find Azimi first. Anderson and Rollins find Azimi first, but Rollins died before McCarthy paid him.

He is most likely killed before "Modern combat 3; Fallen nation," as he is not present when Razor squad are rescued in "Hostile territory" and his file is seen at the start of the level. When asked, it turns out the rest of the squad is dead, meaning McCarthy was probably killed. ( Sgt. Downs says "we have a member of razor squad here, He's dead". Since Rollins was killed, the member must've been McCarthy.

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