Razor Squad


Killed in Action


Day 35 of Operation Troika


M40A3, MP5, MP5 Silenced

"Its gonna take more than a madman with a gun to bring me down!"" - Rollins in 'Embassy assault".
"Go kick some butt for me anderson" - Rollins in "palace invasion" shortly before his death.

}}Sergeant Rollins is a Razor Squad Operative who is introduced in the mission 'To the Embassy Pt.1', serving alongside Sergeant McCarthy, Sergeant Anderson and Warrant Officer Starks. He also appears in the missions 'to the embassy Pt.2', 'Embassy assault' and 'Palace invasion'. He is the tech of the group and plays a large part in getting out of the city in 'To the embassy Pt.1'.

He is killed in the mission Palace Invasion telling you take cover there is an explosion and he is seen flying the elevator than closes

Sergant Rollins in to the embassy Pt.1


His name and file is briefly seen in "Modern combat 3; Fallen Nation" in the opening video for the mission "Hostile territories" along with all other Razor squad members. Why exactly is unknown, as he was dead long before the mission took place

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